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The rarely-visited country of Somaliland is a far cry from its lawless neighbour, and is now peaceful and relatively safe! Recent efforts to increase tourism have seen the government greatly simplify the visa process and provide police escorts to all foreigners. We will be exploring several sites that are now being visited by more birders every year to see all the possible Horn of Africa endemics and regional specialties, including Archer’s Buzzard, Archer’s Francolin, Little Brown Bustard, Somali Pigeon, Somali Lark, Collared Lark, Lesser Hoopoe Lark, Somali Bulbul, Somali Wheatear, Somali Thrush, Philippa’s Crombec, Somali Starling, Somali Sparrow, Somali Golden-winged Grosbeak, and Warsangli Linnet.

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Walking difficulty:

Tour cost includes:

All accommodation, main meals, drinking water, internal flights (as stated in itinerary), overland transport, tips to local drivers and guides, travel permits, entrance fees, and guide fees.

Tour cost excludes:

Flights before and after the tour start/end, visa, travel insurance, tips to tour leaders, laundry, drinks, and other items of a personal nature.

NOTE: Most Western countries still advise against travel to Somaliland, so all participants will be required to take out specialised international travel insurance coverage which we will assist with closer to the date.

Day 1: The tour starts this afternoon at Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, where we will spend two nights.

Day 2: We will have a full day birding around Hargeisa, where we will visit several sites and look for some of the least-observed Horn of Africa endemics, such as Little Brown Bustard, Somali Wheatear, and Gillett’s Lark.

Day 3: We will transit to the city of Burco, where we will spend 3 nights.

Day 4-5: Birding the surrounds of Burco for species like Heuglin’s Bustard, Rufous-capped Lark, Somali Lark, Lesser Hoopoe Lark, and Philippa’s Crombec.

Day 6: We will transit to El Afweyn and stop at the Banade Plains on the way for another subspecies of Lesser Hoopoe-Lark. Overnight in El Afweyn.

Day 7: Morning birding Ben Clade Plains, then transit to Ceerigaabo.

Day 8-9-10-11: Four full days of birding at Daallo Forest for endemics like Archer’s Buzzard, Somali Thrush, Somali Golden-winged Grosbeak, and Warsangli Linnet. An isolated population of Arabian Scops Owl has been found here, which might well end up being an undescribed species or at least subspecies! A new undescribed species of Cisticola is also found in these mountains, and we’ll make sure not to miss any of the regional specialties.

Day 12: After one last morning at Daallo, we’ll retrace our steps back to Burco.

Day 13: Drive to the coast near Berbera with stops for Sombre Rock Chat and Somali Pigeon.

Day 14: Morning birding and drive back to Hargeisa, where the tour ends this afternoon.


Day 1: Cross the border and drive to Djibouti City. This is the best time of year for Somaliland endemics, but not the best time of year for Sooty Gull and White-cheeked Tern; we will try our luck on the coast anyway!

Day 2: Drive to Goda Mountains.

Day 3: Goda Mountains all day for Djibouti Francolin and Arabian Golden Sparrow.

Day 4: Morning birding, then drive back to Djibouti City for end of the tour.

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